Volunteer Work

Working with children in a Kindergarten

Estancia Infantil Coralitos

The teachers need support in their classrooms. It is a good short-term project.


Coralitos is a privately run kindergarten with the purpose of taking care of children with working families. The kindergarten works closely with SEDESOL which is a government organization providing assistance to families with low incomes.

Coralitos has 6 classrooms, a kitchen, eating room and patio for games and is open from 7am to 6 pm. The children are aged between 1 to 5 years old.


For volunteers who love working with children, or who want a chance to give Mexican children the opportunity to learn another cultural, this is an excellent place to volunteer.


The goal is to create awareness among children and the parents of the problems of this issue to achieve a profound change in society.

The idea is to focus on individualized care for children who have difficulty in the classroom, to help them with their daily activities and thus find short-term benefits.


At the same time they create and realize the goal of the week as reading, games and recreational workshops, which eventually, if approved by teachers and responsible for the area, will be presented to children with the idea to make people aware of the problem.


Minimum participation 1 week
Spanish level: Basic
Copy of passport and student card (will be given from our school)

Working hours

10 – 3 pm
Monday to Friday


Working materials
Certificate at the end of stay.

Do not include

or transport


  • Share experiences with children according to their age. Whether the groups of kids are normally small ones between 6 or 10 kids per group, the kindergarten wants to have always 2 teachers in one group, because the majority of children are very young and need more individual attention and you can be the second teacher.
  • Help the kids in daily activities
  • Support the kindergarten with educational and recreational material, having before a plantation made with the director together, like theater, dance, games or fancy dresses.


  • If you have idea for doing an educational activity, go ahead, the kindergarten is open-minded for this.


Volunteers should be punctual, confident and self-motivated , they should have an interest in working with children.
Working cloth: long trousers, normal T-shirt and closed shoes

Contribute your knowledge and efforts to the local projects and organizations
while practicing the language and working together!

4 easy steps to be a volunteer

Step 1. Pick a Project. Choose the one that suits you best by the requirements, duties, and your passions.

Step 2. Contact us with any questions you have and to request to volunteer!

Step 3. When we confirm the dates of your Project participation and accommodation, pay the Volunteer Deposit to secure your booking.

Step 4. Come to Puerto Escondido and make a difference!

Volunteer accommodation

There are three different options where volunteers can stay.

  • School residence: about 20-25 min. by public transport
  • Surf camp: about 20-25 min. by walk and public transport
  • Host family: about 20-40 min. by public transport

Volunteer Programs

A lifetime experience and a great opportunity to learn and practice your spanish, support the local community and help us preserve the nature. Come join us. Change a life