Primary school

Volunteer Work

Working with children in a school

Escuela Primaria Ignacio Mariscal

The school regularly needs help and english teachers and also various classes. For volunteers with experience in working with kids and with a long term stay planning and teaching educational English lessons.


The volunteer program at Ignacio Mariscal Primary School is a teaching term project. The project provides the chance for elementary school children to learn another language in order to increase their choices in professions in the future.

Ignacio Mariscal is a government run public school and normally does not have the opportunity to offer second language classes. Ignacio Mariscal has 150 students and 6 classrooms.

The volunteer program works closely with all 6 grades and is focused on continuing to provide them with classes in English. All grades have begun their English lessons and now have basic knowledge. Each class has approximately 25-30 children. Lunch is provided.
In case there are 2 or 3 volunteers at the same time in the primary school, they can assist the main volunteer or taking over some classes. Next to the Primary school there is a Kindergarten with 2 groups of kids from 3 to 5 years old where also English classes can be given, only if there are 3 volunteers working at the same time or if desired by the volunteer.

Every last Friday of each month, the school is closed for the students as the teachers have a preparation meeting. Volunteers are encouraged to participate at this meeting for feeling included in the school system. The schedule from the school is 8 to 2.30pm.


Volunteers are introduced to the school and classes on the first day. After this time there is not any other English teacher at the school during your time, only the main teacher of each group can assist you in general cases.


Minimum participation: 2 months
Spanish level: Basic
English level: Fluent
Experience working with children

Working hours

08:00am – 12:00 pm
+1 hour more for preparation
Monday – Friday


Working materials
Certificate at the end of stay.

Do not include

or transport.


  • Planning and teaching educational lessons
  • Independently managing classroom behavior
  • Observing and recording student progress in their written work
  • Providing students with homework and written tasks
  • Helping students to learn a new language while having fun!


Volunteers should be punctual, confident and self-motivated. Have an interest in teaching children and be happy working independently
Be interested in preparing lessons and games for students
Respectable and comfortable working clothes (trousers or a long skirt)

Extra options

Depending on your own initiative, this program gives you the opportunity to create interesting, fun and educational lessons for children while giving them the chance to improve their lives with a new language. It could be with songs, games, roll plays or written activities on the board. Because it is your own program, you have the freedom to observe what the children like and use this in their lessons. A useful suggestion for volunteers is to provide homework for the children and a student progress report so that the future volunteer teachers can use in the program.
Important Note: Materials like books, blackboard with marker and making copies are available. If other material is required, it would be upon request. It is up to you in what kind of form would you like to teach the children. You can let your creative nature run wild.

Contribute your knowledge and efforts to the local projects and organizations
while practicing the language and working together!

4 easy steps to be a volunteer

Step 1. Pick a Project. Choose the one that suits you best by the requirements, duties, and your passions.

Step 2. Contact us with any questions you have and to request to volunteer!

Step 3. When we confirm the dates of your Project participation and accommodation, pay the Volunteer Deposit to secure your booking.

Step 4. Come to Puerto Escondido and make a difference!

Volunteer accommodation

There are three different options where volunteers can stay.

  • School residence: about 20-25 min. by public transport
  • Surf camp: about 20-25 min. by walk and public transport
  • Host family: about 20-40 min. by public transport

Volunteer Programs

A lifetime experience and a great opportunity to learn and practice your spanish, support the local community and help us preserve the nature. Come join us. Change a life