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Volunteer Work

Working outdoors, organic farming, cows, cheese and a friendly family

Rancho Tierra Luna

Volunteer Work on a Mexican Dairy Farm


This is for volunteer who loves the outdoors, organic farming, cows, cheese and a friendly family environment.
Tierra Luna is a dairy farm situated about 40 minutes from Puerto Escondido. The 120-hectare farm normally holds 50 animals.

The 16 milking cows produce between 50 to 80 liters of milk daily, depending on the season, of which most is sold to local people for cheese production. The farm also produces its own cheese. Tierra Luna have up to 20 calves and heifers as well as two bulls, three horses, a donkey and some chickens.

Aside from milk production, Tierra Luna has an organic vegetable garden and produces tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, chilli and as well as different salads and herbs.

They produce organic fertilizer called “Boccachi” and maintain red wriggler worm farms that produce excellent compost. There is also a big garden area around the house with lawn and various fruit plants such as mango, banana, lemon, oranges, papayas and passion fruit.

Tierra Luna has an entertaining area with a swimming pool that can be hired for parties and events.

The farm’s newest venture is adventure classes for school children to awake their passion to nature and farming.


Minimum participation: 2 weeks
Spanish level: Basic
Insect Repellant
Work boots
Sun protection

Working hours

5 hours per day
(Monday to Friday)
with a flexible schedule


Shared kitchen,
Meals Monday to Friday for $100Pesos/week.
Certificate at the end of stay.

Do not include



  • The cows are milked every morning in the traditional way by hand and volunteers are encouraged to have a go. The cattle are very tame so they won’t mind you touch them even if you are inexperienced!
  • Learn how to properly use a lasso to catch the cattle on the run
  • Assist to make the Ranch’s own organic cheese refined with herbs from the garden.
  • Learn how to prepare the soil for planting
  • Opt to help with the elaboration of organic fertilizer
  • Sowing, planting and harvesting

Extra options

  • In the dry season, learning about the functions of irrigation.
  • Trimming, cutting and weeding the garden.
  • Vegetables and salads are grown in the farm’s organic garden and they need a healthy balance in nutrition. Volunteers can help in the kitchen and learn .
  • If you are interested in working with children, you can help with the organization of classes for Spanish speaking school children who are visiting the farm. School groups come to the farm to learn about farming, the environment and sustainable living.
Contribute your knowledge and efforts to the local projects and organizations
while practicing the language and working together!

5 easy steps to volunteer

Step 1. Pick a Project. Choose the one that suits you best by the requirements, duties, and your passions.

Step 2. Fill out a short registration form. Tell us what Project you would like to do, when and why

Step 3. Contact us with any questions you have and to request to volunteer!

Step 4. When we confirm the dates of your Project participation and accommodation, pay the Volunteer Deposit to secure your booking.

Step 5. Come to Puerto Escondido and make a difference!

Volunteer accommodation

There are three different options where volunteers can stay.

  • School residence: about 20-25 min. by public transport
  • Surf camp: about 20-25 min. by walk and public transport
  • Host family: about 20-40 min. by public transport

Volunteer Programs

A lifetime experience and a great opportunity to learn and practice your spanish, support the local community and help us preserve the nature. Come join us. Change a life