Street Dogs

Volunteer Work

Working to help The Street Dogs in Puerto Escondido

“Perros en Puerto” and “Esteriliza Y Educa A.C”

Volunteers should not only love dogs, but also be prepared to care for very large groups of dogs in an open space.


In Puerto Escondido there are two organizations helping to take care of the street dogs in the area. The two companies share the same objective, to improve the lives and health of dogs through education and control programs

Volunteers can select to spend their time caring for animals in the shelter, where the dogs can roam freely and receive food and care. Volunteers can also choose to be part of the team who is responsible for vaccinating and sterilization campaigns.


This gives volunteers the opportunity to meet and talk to local people, helping to educate them on animal welfare while practicing their Spanish.

If you love animals, this is the perfect place to dedicate some of your time. Volunteers can feed, walk and clean dogs in the shelter every day. Occasionally, volunteers accompany staff in the streets to rescue dogs or provide medical treatment.


During vaccination campaigns (three times per year), volunteers assist with vaccinations in different locations. Also, during sterilization campaigns, volunteers can assist with the process and take care of the dogs during rehabilitation. Volunteers with interest in working at veterinarians can assist and learn about sterilization on Sundays.


Minimum participation: 1 month
Spanish level: Basic
Work clothing: in the shelter, shorts and no accessories. On campaigns: long trousers and sun protection

Working hours

7:00 – 11:00 hrs. or/and 16:00 – 20:00 hrs. Monday to Friday,
10:00 – 14:00 on Sunday (during the campaigns, schedule can be changed)


Working materials
Certificate at the end of stay.

Do not include

meals or


  • Giving dogs love, attention and daily walks.
  • In campaigns support the medicals before and after operations.
  • Feeding, washing and providing medical treatment

During Campaigns

  • Cleaning all the medical equipment before and after every operation
  • Helping to take care of the dogs at the rehabilitation area
  • Picking up dogs from the street and assisting in transport

Volunteer can also support by donating, as the street dog programs live from this.

Contribute your knowledge and efforts to the local projects and organizations
while practicing the language and working together!

4 easy steps to be a volunteer

Step 1. Pick a Project. Choose the one that suits you best by the requirements, duties, and your passions.

Step 2. Contact us with any questions you have and to request to volunteer!

Step 3. When we confirm the dates of your Project participation and accommodation, pay the Volunteer Deposit to secure your booking.

Step 4. Come to Puerto Escondido and make a difference!

Volunteer accommodation

There are three different options where volunteers can stay.

  • School residence: about 20-25 min. by public transport
  • Surf camp: about 20-25 min. by walk and public transport
  • Host family: about 20-40 min. by public transport

Volunteer Programs

A lifetime experience and a great opportunity to learn and practice your spanish, support the local community and help us preserve the nature. Come join us. Change a life