Tourism Program

Volunteer Abroad in Tourism

Tourism Program

$60 per person

Be part of the Tourism industry in Puerto

Work at a tropical destinations and enjoy fun-filled days in Puerto Escondido.

This tourism volunteer program has this tasks:

Providing services and help for one of our partner depending in your preferred area and qualifications.

  • Helping with Tourists
  • Get involved in typical work on a day-by-day basis
  • Work in various volunteer roles in places like a hotel, art ORG or at a tour operator.
  • Everyday there is a new problem or necessity, help if you can.

This volunteer program is for:

Volunteers who wants to be exposed to valuable experiences, real work, real clients and capacitation throughout the program. 

  • Undergraduates and graduates who are looking for experience and their first steps in their tourism career and gain first-hand insight in hospitality or tourism.
  • Perfect for those who already speak spanish but want to keep improving.


Working materials

Certificate at the end of program

Qualified volunteer staff to assist you

Transfer from and to the PXM airport

Experiencia Volunteer Program Advantages

Experiencia approved - quality assured

Hola - You'll be able to practice Spanish

It can open doors for your future work opportunities

We care about Puerto - we want to give back

A lifetime experience and a great opportunity to learn and practice your Spanish, support the local community  & work at a Tropical destination . Come join us.

Good To Know

Minimum participation

1 month

Do not include

Accommodation, meals or transport.

Work clothing

Some partners requieres to use their uniforms.


Volunteer can also support by donating as some partners lives from this


7:00 – 11:00 hrs. or/and 16:00 – 20:00 hrs. Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 14:00 on weekends

Spanish level


I don´t speak any Spanish

We recommend taking at least 1 week of our spanish courses

Extra Info

Contribute your knowledge and efforts to the local projects and organizations while practicing Spanish and working in Paradise!

In Puerto Escondido, tourism is the biggest revenue to the local economy and gives work to a big part of the population. For people searching for an opportunity, tourism industry is one that always need more hands.


Volunteering in tourism is a great way to add value to your future work life, experience another culture,  and immerse yourself in the spanish language.

Whether it’s as an assistant of guide in a tour operator or art gallery, there is an opportunity out there waiting for you.


In exchange for your work, you can also get some nice perks, visit awesome places, be part of special events and workshops.

Help & Stay

Volunteer accommodation

If you need, there are three different options where volunteers can stay with us:

  • School residence
  • Surf Camp
  • Host family

Contact us for details.

An example of your schedule
A typical Monday / first day in Experiencia
-Welcoming and orientation to Experiencia
-Meeting to talk about the project activities, responsibilities and cultural tips.
-Visit to meet the tourism enterprise facilities and staff
-Training to participate in the different areas of the tourism enterprise


In this program, you'll be working at our school and in one of our partners locations.

Tourism partners:

Season always make the opportunities available vary, we have full year options in an Tour Operator and a art gallery / Architectural location.   The tour operator  is a few blocks from Experiencia, and the art one is about 15 minutes.

Experiencia Spanish School:

Our school is one block from the beach and located in the heart of Puerto Escondido.


  • Restaurant
  • Lecture area
  • Small library
  • Student dormitories
  • Kitchen
  • Relaxing areas


School .- Andador Revolución #21 Sector Libertad, en el Adoquín

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer Work & Program

What is a volunteer project?

It is a project that corresponds to the new interests of the travelers, providing an opportunity to have a unique experience of contributing to a local community and environment while traveling.

How does it work?

If you want to become a volunteer in Puerto Escondido, send us a letter to inscribe to a certain program. We are going to contact the local organizations, such as Red de los Humedales, Huellitas de Acero, Centro Cultural del mercado Benito Juárez, kindergartens and others, and check the availability. After that, our coordinator will organize the program for you according to the goals that you wish to reach and problems that are to be solved.

Does it cost anything to become a volunteer? Are housing, food and transport included?

The localization and orientation service for the volunteers are done with no cost. However, it is necessary to make a donation to the projects and pay a certain fee for the coordination of the volunteers.
We have also created special packages for you to have a unique and complete experience, including: housing, surf classes, transportation, excursions, food and coordination.

What do I need to become a volunteer?

1. To be 18 years old.
2. Be responsible.
3. Select a project that you would like to participate in.
4. Decide how long you would like to participate.
5. Choose a package.
6. Send us an e-mail.
7. Come to Puerto Escondido!

Will I receive any volunteer certificate upon completion of the program?

Yes, upon completion all the volunteers receive a certificate issued by the organization where they worked.

When can I start my volunteer project?

Normally all the programs start on Monday. This is the reason we suggest all our volunteers to arrive to Puerto the weekend to start their project beginning of the next week.

How long do the projects last? Is there anything I can do as a volunteer for just a couple weeks?

Normally the volunteer projects last from 1 week to several months. For 1-2 weeks you can do social work with kids, teach English to primary school kids, work with iguanas or on a farm or coffee plantation.

Do I need any Spanish for volunteering?

Yes, you do need a minimum basic knowledge of Spanish (simple conversation). Therefore we recommend taking about 2 weeks of a Spanish course before starting the volunteer program.

How long do the projects last? Is there anything I can do as a volunteer for just a couple weeks?

Normally the volunteer projects last from 1 week to several months. For 1-2 weeks you can do social work with kids, teach English to primary school kids, work with iguanas or on a farm or coffee plantation.

What do I need to do to volunteer in a Orphanage?

To volunteer in an orphanage you need a minimum participation of 2 months, minimum age of 21, Spanish level: intermediate, be flexible, have initiative and send a short CV with a motivation letter via email before you commence the volunteer program.

Can I exchange volunteer work for housing or food?

If you get any material benefits for you volunteer work as food or housing, from that moment it may not be considered volunteer anymore, but may be considered work. If this is the case, please send us your CV and we will contact you of the vacancies available.

I’ll be visiting Puerto for a few days but I’m hoping I can find an opportunity to help?

For 2 weeks you can participate in the program of social work with kids, teaching English to primary school kids, working with iguanas or on a farm or coffee plantation.

Housing & Accommodation

What kind of accommodation does the school offer?

You can choose housing at the school residence (el Adoquín, downtown Puerto Escondido), or at our Surf Camp ("La Punta"), or at Mexican host families.

How many people live in one room? Can I have a private room?

The rooms have 2 beds, so normally 1-2 people stay in one room. Private rooms are available, let us know in the registration form.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

The School Residence and the Surf Camp have free Wi-Fi connection, both in the rooms and common areas.

Is it safe to stay in Puerto? What should I be aware of?

Puerto Escondido is one of the safest resorts in Mexico. Also, the school premises are video recorded 24/7, with night guards in both places. So, just use common sense and you are totally safe.

Can somebody pick me up from the airport?

Yes, we can meet you at the airport with the school transfer. Just let us know your arrival time and we will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall!

What is the check-in/check-out time?

Check-in is at 3pm, and check-out is at 12pm (in special occasions, check-in can be earlier, e.g. if the room wasn’t occupied before).

Are linen and towels provided?

Yes, linens, bath- and hand towels are provided and changed once a week.


  • Materials for your volunteer project.
  • Experiencia makes regular donations TO ALL Volunteer programs ( in money and in materials) , part of your money goes to the dog shelter program, part to turtles, part to reforestation, part to orphanage, part to kids schools and part to the hospital.
  • All the volunteer organizations have seasonal unique needs and problems, your money helps buying all this.
  • Promotion of the volunteer organizations.
  • Staff and coordinator costs.
  • When you take and pay for a volunteer program, you are actually helping ALL OF THEM.