We commit with our future

Every day more persons become aware of the challenges we have for the future. We realize the problems in the world over pass the borders we once imagined and now we need to work together to solve them. To complete this mission we need to share our thoughts and feelings, we need to build bridges to communicate and trust each other.
Most of us want to do something to improve this world, the idea that we can make a change is growing in our minds and at some point we ask ourselves “Where can I volunteer abroad?” “Where can I learn about myself and share what I have to give?”. In Puerto Escondido you will find a place to acquire the communication tools and practical skills for you to collaborate in our Social Projects with the local community. Our mission is to ease that every person that participate with us can make a contribution while enriching it´s own life.

When we imagine a new world, we always think of the children that are looking for us as their example. Because of this, we are truly grateful and admire the people that commit with the new generations and give unforgettable memories to our kids. The distances are getting closer and the opportunity to know persons from other countries, and let them get to know us, is now a reality. It´s our future, at the end we receive more than we give!

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