The Will to Share & Learn

This summer we had the fortune to receive seven amazing people that came willing to share their knowledge, time and effort with local kids from Puerto Escondido! We had a Experiencia Cultural Exchange Course with our local teenagers for them to learn English while they play and exercise in a safe environment. The teachers showed their commitment to plan a daily class, exercise with the kids and give them the basic skills for them to communicate in one of world most spoken languages in the world. In Experiencia we have seen how this opportunity can open new roads of life that we have never imagined.

While we practiced our language skills, the kids were happy to talk with the teachers and to know about their homelands. The kids also showed them our local traditions and the best jokes you can play to your friends in Mexico.

We are truly thankful to Jette May, Aylin Sayili, Marleen Rassmann, Caroline, Katherine, Alfredo, Roman Gärtner, to all the kids that came to share with us…and to our volunteer coordinator Victor Campos Saucedo who organised this amazing event. There were lots of joyful moments, sharing laughs, stories, games and hugs. It was great to feel how powerful our will to make a change and to be changed can be. New courses are already starting – come and join us to share and learn!


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