Travel and question the world: Art, culture, spirit at Casa Wabi

Modern architecture, art, the ocean, and a vibrant artist community… if you are searching for your creative side, this must be the best place to volunteer. Here you can bring all your ideas and find many ways to express them – this is a great opportunity for everyone.
There is only one requirement: to enter the project open minded.

We all want to see new things, discover different ideas, wonder about how we see the world and how to express it. This August, Julia, Lukas and Benjamin had the opportunity to collaborate with the Casa Wabi Foundation, one of the most important art and culture projects in America. Sharing the objective to impulse collaborations and social compromise through arts, we got convinced that personal encounters with art make a positive impact in every single person.

For these volunteers it was a great experience to help with the organization of the media center (an amazing collection that brings together art, design, the Oaxacan Culture and history), show the art residence to the visitors and help the artist with their research and installations with the local communities. As part of their programm they took the time to walk along the magnificent building, sit on the beach and work with local kids in the pottery clay workshop, all of this to explore and search for their inner creative spirit.

Julia, Lukas and Benjamin did not have previous studies about art, at Casa Wabi they found a place designed to look for the right questions and people who were happy to share their knowledge with them.
We are very thankful to Juan, Gustavo and Marcel (collaborators of Casa Wabi) to have been part of this enriching experience and to all the artists who share their ideas and personal stories that make us travel and question through many different worlds.

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