Turtle Volunteer Program in Mexico

In December of 2017 we started what we knew would be a complicated mission with great results.

In collaboration with the Vive Mar Ecotourism Services Cooperative and the Puerto Vivo design workshop, we set ourselves the goal of building an environmental education center to protect the nests of the sea turtles collected on the beaches between Playa Coral and Punta Vigía, 27 kilometers that are protected by the “Red de los Humedales” of the Coast of Oaxaca.

After 7 years of coordinating our Turtle Volunteer Program in México we were prepared to meet our goal. Since following this path, we have seen that a successful volunteer program requires 4 things:


1- A clear and constant communication in which the participants and the organizations involved get feedback. This is why being a language school with 40 years of experience has allowed us to learn so much from the wonderful people who have worked with us.

2- Recognize the individuality of the participants. In our program we have had people from all over the world and with ages between 15 and 70 years. What unites us? Our commitment to contribute something positive to the planet.

Channel this effort and making it reflected in beneficial results for the community and for the volunteers themselves is an art that we never want to stop improving.

3- Relation of trust and mutual support with partner organizations. Although organizations are created with the aim of contributing to the people and the town in which they are formed, it is necessary to have a close relationship with sensitive communication in order to collaborate successfully.

Since the arrival of Experiencia to Puerto Escondido, our conviction to protect and improve this beautiful region has brought us closer to people and organizations that work day and night to make the Oaxacan Coast a sustainable tourist destination.

4- And most importantly, to be convinced that we have the capacity to transform our life and our environment, that if we open ourselves to new experiences of cultural exchange and collaborate with clear objectives we are enriching the locality and above all we are enriching ourselves as people.

This Turtle Volunteer Program in México and the construction of the ViveMar Environmental Education Center shows us that these 7 years of work have been an arduous process of professionalization and show that voluntary tourism with commitment, respect and seriousness can positively impact our planet.

The turtles are waiting for you, join us https://www.experienciamexico.mx/destinations/volunteer/

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